Jun 14

Bone Buddies

Pretty boys, Paxton Ward and Sebastian Fox have been flirting all day and finally get some much needed alone time when mom and dad leave for dinner. So, the too cute twosome head to the bedroom, shut the door, and get down to business! The tight bodied twink’s tongues intertwine as they lick lips and strip one another down, revealing their already rocked up rods. Between the pair, there’s pounds of peen to work with; and, the pair gorge on their gourmet groins like fuck hungry foodies! Pretty boy Pax makes dessert out of Fox’s fine ass, then tenderizes the twink’s tight tush with his power tool. The cock cam catches every ball slapping moment Ward’s wad warms in his heavy sac while it smacks Sebastian’s sexy seat. Sharing the butt stretching pleasure, our guys switch it up. Sebastian gets a seat at the top table, much to Paxton’s dick swinging delight. After working Ward out a bit on all fours, he orders pretty boy onto his side and hits his sweet spot, causing Ward’s weapon to go off wildly! He spews spunk absolutely everywhere, covering the dark colored duvet with thick, drippy dick juice. Sebastian takes it all in and looses it. He whips out and jacks his jizz all over the boy’s freshly fucked backside. The heavy and heavy hotties end with a movie moment kiss; then, the camera pans down to catch Sebastian STILL spankin’ his oozy, ever hard hammer.

Jun 14

Lhars Morrys: Toys and Experiences

There are almost as many people as there are erotic products in this world, and it is easy not to know what most of them are for, so here we can find together the opportunity to know the toys and how to take advantage of them. Vibrators, masturbators, erotic cosmetics, lingerie, Chinese balls and even ducks that vibrate … erotic products without end, that in one way or another sound but the question is, do we know how to use them? What I would like to do is something close to all of you, regardless of your sex, age or sexual condition, enjoy it as much as I do.Reaching to awaken some feeling in each one of you is my final purpose. It will be really satisfying to see how they enjoy what they read and what they see in me and that they are encouraged to share their experiences with me. I am willing to serve you, to contact me and make this an erotic moment together, since we are all sex.

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