Jun 14

Lhars Morrys: Toys and Experiences

There are almost as many people as there are erotic products in this world, and it is easy not to know what most of them are for, so here we can find together the opportunity to know the toys and how to take advantage of them. Vibrators, masturbators, erotic cosmetics, lingerie, Chinese balls and even ducks that vibrate … erotic products without end, that in one way or another sound but the question is, do we know how to use them? What I would like to do is something close to all of you, regardless of your sex, age or sexual condition, enjoy it as much as I do.Reaching to awaken some feeling in each one of you is my final purpose. It will be really satisfying to see how they enjoy what they read and what they see in me and that they are encouraged to share their experiences with me. I am willing to serve you, to contact me and make this an erotic moment together, since we are all sex.

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Jun 13

Jac Erotic: Boys Game

It was Saturday night, I went to a couple of friends and played a game online, laughing, games, one of my friends a little crazy proposed that they had sex all three, my heterosexual friend refused, said he would only watch, but the three we took off our clothes, we began to touch and masturbate, one of my friends sucked me, while I masturbated the heterosexual, we ended up doing a train, I in the middle and the heterosexual behind me, it was a great night and a very Delicious, we leave the sheets covered in semen!

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Jun 07

Krenz Schuzer: Hot Guest from South France

OMG Guys! This is a lucky day! We have a guest from southern France who arrived today lets call by the name of (LUCAS) and he is so fucking hot and sexy 27 yrs old! When he arrived he ask for towels from my father and i hear it from my room. Then after their conversation I hear the sound of a motorcycle knowing that my dad is leaving. So next I hear the door a sound from the bathroom next to my room like the sound of a water flowing from the shower and yes he is taking a shower omg! I imagine, I hope i can get inside and take a shower with him LOL! Anyway after few minutes, I hear him shouting calling my dads name because he doesnt know that my dad leave the hostel. So I came outside near to bathroom door and ask what do you need? my dad is not here. So he reply, Sorry I forgot my towel on my bed, can you please take it for me? And OMG OMG OMG! I’m so excited and I response sure where did you put it? he said just on the bed next to his bag. So i took it, then when i passed it to him, he open the fucking door on half way. And you know what? what? what? I saw his naked hot fucking ass and half of his tail 😀 from his sideview way.. Oh fuck I cant stay longer looking at it I was so shy! HAHAHA! So yeah this day is so fucking awesome! i got so lucky! I hope their is more hot guest will arrived in our hostel this summer 🙂 That’s all for today….

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May 30

Brando C: How Did I Learn English?

Well, guys, as you may know, I am from Colombia and of course, my first language is Spanish.I grew up with my 3 cousins and I was the younger one but they were very into anglo pop music and videogames in that time, not all the videogames had a translation for every country as now they have it, but thanks to my cousins, videogames and the music they listen too I started to get interested in English and I start to practice English with them. I started to know a lot of words cause I was like the assistant of my cousins cause I have a good memory I wanted to study English I finish my course like a month ago and that is how I learn English. and I will like to tell to every one of you that learning a new language is one of the best and most magical thing ever! doesn’t matter if you are a very old person or a young person! learn a new language! learning is fun Kisses and hugs xoxo

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May 29

Sam Wayne: Brief Life Update and Question

Hello Flirt4Free! I am sorry for being so inconsistent on here recently. I am back home from my college for the summer and have been extremely busy working my day-job. I am trying to save up enough income for both my school and leisure activities. I am constantly seeking new ways I can improve to your guys’ liking! I need feedback on what you guys like and what you don’t. Please feel free to text me at my extension number, or message me online here. What do you guys want to see in my shows?xoxoSam

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