Logan Ashtone: Juegos Sexuales

Just thinking about what happened to me last night, I get excited again. What happened I thought he would say no, but he answered me with a resounding “YES”, what a surprise it takes me.I tell you, yesterday I invited a good friend to dinner at my house. As a good host I think I am, I prepared a welcome cocktail accompanied by “Frank Sinatra” style music. Then I told him that I had created an erotic board game but that there are some tests that must be tested before I can present my project. That’s why I stopped it months ago.I proposed to put into practice some test to test the quality and fun and the first test that I proposed, it seemed good and agreed to participate. Fuck, I thought he would say no and when he said yes, my legs began to shake.The test is that one of the two has to go to a room alone and put on music with headphones and cover their eyes with a mask. Then, for ten minutes you have to masturbate thinking about the other person. Then it has seven minutes of time from which you can go to the room or not and watch how you masturbate. This or this one who is exercising his hand, being dark and hearing nothing from outside, will never know if they have been looking at him.Well, to that test he said yes and the one who went to the room was me. This happened…When I headed to the room I was already excited by the possibility that my friend saw me naked and touching me. He had never had anything sexual with her so full of emotion.When I stretched out in my bed in the room, I sold my eyes and put on music. I took off my pants and underwear and began to touch myself while thinking that no friend was possibly already looking at me and maybe thinking of touching myself too. From the beginning I was already hard of excitement and I kept thinking that she was wearing a skirt and that she was touching her panties away to the side in front of me. I don’t know if it was like that, but I liked to think that. The minutes passed and there was no way of knowing if she was nearby. But suddenly I noticed something in my right hand, as if I had it wetter, as if they had helped me. Fuck … I was already thinking that I would suddenly have oral sex, but I never noticed his mouth. Even if I think about it, I reach orgasm. What a unique feeling. I think he did see me, but I will never know for sure … In the previous agreement it was included that she said what she said could be a lie or truth. He told me first that he hadn’t gone to the room, but then he said yes. He had liked it. I couldn’t believe anything, but I sensed yes. I would have gone. And I would have even done something with my tongue. Would it have been left? I think I’ll tell you to stay again for more tests of my game. I hope you say yes and that time I noticed his body with mine.

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